A Partner for the Life of Your Facility


Planning is a critical first step for any ice rink project. Whether it is a feasibility study for a new facility or an evaluation study of an existing facility with recommendations for improvements, we provide thorough and accurate information to assist our clients with decisions that will affect the success of the facility.

Funding & Assistance

B32 has assisted its clients, for many years, with identifying federal, state and local grants or funding assistance programs that may be applicable to their projects. Because we are actively involved in the industry, we keep up-to-date on the latest programs and keep our clients informed of new developments. Once eligibility is determined, B32 assists with the application and administration processes.


Over 65% of B32’s projects are a renovation of existing facilities, many of which began with evaluations and energy/operational audits. An evaluation study is an invaluable tool for identifying problem areas, assessing systems and technologies, recommending cost-effective solutions, budgeting for future repairs/improvements and scheduling to optimize continued use of the facility while minimizing the impact on users and revenue. We tailor the level of services to meet your needs and desired level of information.


The ice system, consisting of the refrigeration system, waste heat recovery system, ice rink floor, and dasher board system collectively, is one of the most important components in an ice rink facility. Since the success of the facility largely depends on the performance of the ice system, a thorough design specific to the site, location, building type, and programming is critical. We know first-hand how design and installation affect the performance, reliability, efficiency, and longevity of the ice system.

Construction & Administration

Project construction is equally important as the design itself. A good example of this is the construction of the ice rink floor. As little as one inch in variation in the placement of the ice rink piping can noticeably affect the quality of the ice and cost of operation. Our presence during construction provides a greater degree of confidence that the client will receive the efficient building and ice system that they expect.

Post Construction

B32 supports you even after the systems are started up and the ice is made. From organizing training sessions and operation and maintenance manual review to assuring defects identified during construction have been addressed, B32 is there to ensure continued success.