Eden Prairie Community Center

The Eden Prairie Community Center is over twenty years old.  It houses two sheets of ice and was experiencing operational problems with the central, direct refrigeration system and major problems with the original rink floor.  Stevens was hired by the City of Eden Prairie to perform an evaluation of the existing ice system and more importantly, to provide options, cost estimates, and scheduling for an immediate floor replacement.  The final evaluation report outlined recommendations for improving the condition and operation of the refrigeration system to extend its life another twenty years and a solid foundation and guide for improvements to all the ice related systems.  The improvements provided potential for substantial energy savings.

The evaluation study determined the 2004 floor replacement project was necessary because of increasing cracks in the existing and movement of the concrete rink floor.  Both were indicators of frost build up beneath the rink floor.  Left unaddressed, the City faced increased operational and maintenance costs and potential loss of ice time in the near future.  Stevens assisted the City in determining the depth of frost and a cost effective method for removing the frost build up.  The existing ice rink floor and ten feet of frost were removed. A new sub-floor heating system and direct refrigeration sand ice rink floor was installed under a shortened time schedule.

The study also provided a foundation for budgeting and scheduling for the floor replacement project performed in 2004.  The refrigeration system repairs performed in 2005 and 2006 included a central computer control system with remote monitoring capabilities.  In 2008 a third ice sheet was constructed with a new ice system including; a refrigeration system, an ice rink floor and a dasher board system.

In 2013 the conversion of Rink 2 over to ammonia was complete and included a new concrete rink floor converting from an Olympic to a standard NHL size.  The project also included enhanced waste heat recovery and other energy saving measures.