How We Can Help You


The community facility is near and dear to our hearts. It is where ice experiences begin and grow for our youth. It is also where budgets are tight and staff levels are never enough. We understand these facilities very well as they are the staple of our portfolio and where we began. Let us share our experiences with you and provide the answers you need to succeed.


As a facility Owner, you understand these are challenging facilities to operate and maintain. For over two decades our experience with these facilities has assisted Owners in addressing these challenges through careful planning, thorough design solutions, detailed construction services and beyond. Our unique solutions and proven applications will help your facility achieve long-term economic and social success.


Whether you are designing a simple ice arena or curling facility for a small community, an outdoor leisure skating rink or trail, a state-of-the-art Division 1 college or NHL facility, we share your vision and goals. We work closely with the design team, including your HVAC&D engineers, through pre-design, final design, construction, and post-construction phase services. We provide the technical knowledge and experiences with these unique facilities that help ensure a strong design team and a very successful project.

Industry Partner

We care deeply about this industry and are continually looking for opportunities to improve and strengthen it. One key to the growth and success of this industry is our construction and supply partners. The more we learn together, the greater the positive impact on the future of ice arenas and curling facilities.