Heritage Sports Center

Several years ago, northern Minnesota lost one of its indoor ice arenas, Peterson Arena, to a fire.  Rebuilding was never in question in the State of Hockey.

The facility was designed and constructed around the Clyde Iron Works Building, an industrial facility established in 1898 in the City of Duluth.  The site was once the world headquarters for a company famous for heavy lifting machinery that is still used on some large shipping docks.

In addition to the challenges the design team faced with renovating a 100-plus- year-old building, implemented elements of sustainable design practices wherever possible.  The ice system design included a central, industrial grade refrigeration system designed to serve the two ice rinks.  Calcium chloride circulation fluid was used throughout the ice rink floors to maximize efficiency.  Waste heat from the refrigeration system is used for melting snow in the snow melt pit and providing heat for the sub-soil heating system beneath the ice rink floor.