Moorhead Sports Center

The original refrigeration system and ice rink floor for the main arena had reached its useful life.  Increased maintenance, concerns over credibility with the aging equipment, and a cracking concrete ice rink floor prompted the City to move forward with this project. The ice system renovation project included several key elements:

  • Remove and dispose of the existing refrigeration system and ice rink floor for the main arena.
  • Renovate the existing refrigeration system for the practice arena by increasing its capacity to serve both ice sheets providing more efficient operations. In addition to installing new equipment, the renovation to the existing refrigeration system included addressing existing problems.  Those included replacing simplifying controls, replacing an ineffective oil return system, and an undersized piping systems.
  • Install a new concrete ice rink floor with seamless, non-corrodible polyethylene piping and sub-soil heating systems.
  • Install a new dasher board system designed to fit existing spaces. This included a support-free, flexible shielding system which maximized viewing and helps decrease injury potential.

This ice system renovation project was part of a building renovation that provides Concordia College and the Moorhead High School hockey teams with a premier facility to play hockey.