New Hope Ice Arena

The City of New Hope and the New Hope Arena have a long standing tradition as one of the top community ice arena facilities in the Midwest.  Rink 1 was constructed in 1975 and Rink 2 in 1996.  As part of a continued effort to improve operation and efficiency of the facility; to plan for future improvements; and to continue to provide high-quality ice for its user groups; B32 was retained by the City to prepare an engineering study of the facility.

The goals of the study were to: evaluate the existing facility, with a focus on the mechanical and ice systems; and provide detailed, accurate information and recommendations that will allow the City to define, budget and schedule for future improvements. Sustainable design practices were a strong consideration where possible and practical to reduce the use of fossil fuels, the production of greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce overall energy use of the facility.

The study identified 18 energy conservation practices to consider along with numerous other recommendations for improvements.  The recommendations were prioritized to further assist in planning.  The study was completed under the guidelines of Xcel Energy’s Engineering Assistance Program providing the City with substantial funding assistance.

B32 completed a $2M ice and mechanical system renovation project as a follow up to this study. Building on the trusted relationship that had developed, the City also as B32 to design a new lobby for the two-sheet facility.  Both this projects were successfully completed in time for regularly scheduled ice rentals in October, 2012.