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Bentley University

The Bentley University’s new 2200 seat home arena was an exciting project for the design team of B32 Engineering Group, Inc. to be part of. Right from the start the University and the design team were energized by the new facility’s potential, the focus on sustainability and LEED certification.

It ultimately exceeded the sustainability motto of people, planet, profit. The University pushed the design team to find ways to reduce energy. For the design ice system, the challenge was even greater for B32 Engineering Group because the University was not comfortable operating a system with natural refrigerants like CO2 (newer to the ice rink industry) and ammonia (potentially more hazardous and requires additional training for staff) which tend to operate more efficiently than synthetic refrigerants. After evaluating many refrigerant and equipment options, a flooded R-507 based refrigeration system was selected. To improve the efficiency of the R-507 system, a flooded type heat exchanger system was incorporated in the design along with the use of industrial grade equipment.

An extensive heat recovery system was also included in the design to capture and reuse the waste heat generated from the refrigeration system rather than sending it to the atmosphere as wasted energy. The waste heat is used to heat domestic water, the snow melt pit and the subfloor heating system beneath the ice sheet. The arena prioritizes sustainability from its 1400 solar panels that generates half a megawatt of solar power down to the low-flow faucets and earned a LEED Platinum certification potentially the first LEED Platinum ice arena in the United States.