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Bud King Arena

The City of Winona was seeking a cost effective solution for the replacement of the ice system of the Bud King Arena that included improving the ice quality and lengthening the outdoor ice season.

B32 Engineering Group started by performing an evaluation of the existing two sheet facility, and providing recommendations and options for replacing the ice system, while keeping in mind the City’s goal for increasing efficiency, sustainability, life span, and performance of the city system.

The final solution included replacing the existing, inefficient synthetic refrigeration system, with a highly efficient, long lasting, and environmentally friendly ammonia system; replacing the indoor ice rink floor system with a new concrete rink floor; and replacing the dasher board system for the outdoor rink, all within the budget set forth by the City.

While the outdoor rink overlooks the picturesque Mississippi River, the winds through the valley tend to be higher, which impacts the surface of the outdoor ice sheet and adding to the design challenge. B32 was able to design the new refrigeration system to serve both the indoor and outdoor ice rinks, while keeping the size of the refrigeration system to a minimum, to meet the project budget. This new system needed a home, so the B32 team designed a system and resurfacer room for the existing facility. The new ice system will provide stability and performance for years to come.