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Deerfield Academy

Deerfield Academy’s new ice arena is located in the lowest level of the 136,000 square foot, athletic center that includes a field house on the second level. The ice arena seats more than 400 spectators. The ice rink will be used for baseball and softball batting practices in the spring with hockey typically starting in March.

The facility serves as home ice for the Academy’s boys and girls hockey teams, the New England West Skating Club, Greenfield Figure Skating Club, as well as area junior hockey teams.

One of the main challenges the design team encountered upfront on this project was designing a two-story facility between the limitations of the flood plain and the height restrictions on campus. B32 Engineering Group played a key role in these upfront decisions by providing information and examples of ice arena facilities with lower ceiling heights and working closely with the structural engineering team to incorporate the NHL regulation sized ice rink floor into the specially designed floor structure to withstand flood conditions.

The ice system design was based on a heat pump type refrigeration system that was fully incorporated in the HVAC system to maximize recovery and reuse of waster heat generated from the refrigeration system. The waste heat is used for heating the lobby, the radiant floor heating system provided for spectator comfort, the resurfacer snow melt pit, the frost prevention system under the ice rink floor, the locker rooms, an exterior sidewalk, and to assist in heating the 105,000 square foot field house.

The design of this system assisted Deerfield Academy is receiving energy incentives from the local utilities of Eversource and Berkshire Gas.