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Enterprise Center

The Enterprise Center is best known as the home of the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League (NHL). The building was originally constructed in 1994 and the 23-year old ice and mechanical systems were starting to show their age and required replacement. Naturally, with an aging system, a number of issues began to crop up, including the deteriorating ice quality. This project had a number of unique challenges for the entire design team.

First and foremost, this project had a hard deadline due to the Enterprise Center being home to an NHL team. The project needed to be wrapped up by September for the 2017-2018 NHL season. With an already condensed schedule, the project wasn’t approved to move forward until February of 2017. At this time, B32 Engineering Group was hired to design the new ice system including the rink floor and refrigeration system, and to work with a large local mechanical contractor, Murphy Company, who had limited ice rink experience. B32 Engineering Group designed the entire project in one month to assure material could be ordered and delivered on time for the 23 week project. The rink floor was constructed in half the time a typical floor takes.

Another unique challenge to this project was the need to have the rink floor change from NHL size (85’ wide) to Olympic size (100’ wide) with just a turn of a few valves. B32 Engineering Group floor design met this need and provided a very unique option for the owners and operators of this facility.

Due to the great success of this project, the Enterprise Center will provide an amazing ice surface for national and international events for many years to come.

B32 is excited to congratulate the St. Louis Blues for winning the 2019 Stanley Cup!