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Ice Den

B32 started working on the Ice Den in 2007 and has completed numerous projects throughout the last 13 years.

The Ice Den is a 160,000 square foot, three-sheet ice skating and entertainment center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Ice Den hosts the Phoenix Coyotes’ practices, Arizona State University, and nearly all the other visiting NHL teams for their practice needs. The Ice Den is also a premier skating venue for many national and international figure skating events, shows, and competitions.

B32 Engineering Group assisted the Owner in 2005 with performing an evaluation study of the original two sheet facility to solve ice quality problems with the direct ice system. Once the problems were identified, recommended solutions were presented and a new ice rink floor design was completed. The design minimized cost and downtime by using the existing rink piping and sand. Construction on the two floors was performed in phases to minimize disturbance to the very popular and successful ice skating facility.

In 2011, B32 Engineering Group designed the ice system for the facility’s third ice sheet addition. This facility had been so successful that the Owner purchased an existing two sheet ice rink facility in Chandler, AZ. B32 Engineering Group was hired to evaluate the existing ice system, design the $1.2M improvements to the ice system and observe construction. All projects were completed on schedule. Scott Ward with B32 Engineering Group was lead engineer and construction inspector for the specialized ice system work.