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J.B. Chambers Memorial Ice Rink at Wheeling Park

B32 Engineering Group was ecstatic to be selected for the renovation of the ice rink floor and dasher board system at the J.B. Chambers Memorial Ice Rink at Wheeling Park. If there is one facility exemplifies the community spirit of ice skating, this is the one. The outdoor ice rink at this park was first installed around 1959 and is a part of the “people’s park,” a 406 acre, year round park. This facility is used by all ages and skill levels for recreational ice skating, figure skating, and hockey. During the summer, the concrete rink floor and roof structure is used for concerts, home and garden shows, weddings, and many other community activities.

B32 assisted the Wheeling Park Commission with determining the level of renovation that was needed at this time to assure the facility’s reliable and safe use for the future. Once the scope of work was clarified and accurate cost estimates were provided to the park commission, B32 generated the design and construction documents for the improvements. The improvements included replacing and rotating the existing concrete ice rink floor to achieve better accessibility to the existing facilities, resurfacer room, and seating; a new header and transmission main system to serve the existing rink floor; a new dasher board system designed to accommodate sled hockey and the center ice announcers booth; and the replacement of the pumping system to optimize the heat transfer in the new rink floor for improved ice quality and performance.

This facility was making ice with ambient temperatures of 85F during its initial startup. The rink piping system is all high density polyethylene with fusion welded connections to eliminate any concerns of corrosion in the future and to maximize the life of the new ice rink floor system.