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Lawson Ice Arena

The Harry W. Lawson Ice Arena at Western Michigan University was first used in 1974. Lawson Ice Arena faced renovations in 1993, 1997, 2006, and the most recent, completed in 2016.

B32 Engineering Group completed an in-depth engineering study for Western Michigan University in 2014 followed up with a full design and construction phase services for this high-profile renovation project in 2015-16. A preliminary investigation of frost build up under the concrete ice rink floor, with the ice sheet in place, assisted in preparing the project in terms of both schedule and cost.

A new industrial grade, ammonia refrigeration system with screw compressors is housed in the new refrigeration room. The new adjacent mechanical courtyard houses the new dehumidification system and cooling tower. The efficiency of the system is maximized by capturing and reusing waste heat from the refrigeration system for subfloor heating (frost prevention), the snow melt pit to melt ice shavings from the Zamboni, and for preheating water to the swimming pool.

The ice rink floor, dasher board system and mechanical ductwork was replaced in the arena space.

This project was completed in a very short time frame to meet the deadline for ice to be used in October 2015.