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St. Louis Park Rec Center

B32 Engineering Group completed the design for an extensive renovation and new ice rink project as the prime consultant for St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The St. Louis Park City Council was looking for something that could not only suit their winter needs, but also be a structure that can host events in the warmer weather as well. The renovation and new ice rink will allow for hockey, ice skating and other winter activities, while during spring and summer it will be converted to a turfed field for baseball, softball, and soccer along with fitness classes, farmers’ markets, and theater performances.

The St. Louis Park Rec Center project included the replacement of two indoor R-22 based ice systems and the design of a new outdoor ice rink. The two- existing individual ice refrigeration systems are used to maximize sustainability, operation and maintenance efficiency. A key component of the design for the new facility was maximizing the use of the waste heat from the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system in an ice arena is the largest energy user, making performance and energy efficiency a high priority. By capturing and reusing the heat that is generated during the refrigeration cycle, instead of releasing it it the atmosphere, helps with increasing energy efficiency, decreasing waste, and helping the economic success for the facility.