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St. Luke’s Sports & Event Center

In the world of newly constructed community ice rink facilities, the St. Luke’s Sports & Event Center, will be a tough one to beat. Proctor Public Schools had been planning this facility for over 5 years to serve the small community with a population of just over 3,000. This isn’t your ordinary community ice rink facility. Nestled up in the breathtaking woodlands of northern Minnesota, and in nationally recognized and historic hockey hotbed that surrounds Duluth, Minnesota, this 1,200 seat facility was designed for large crowds and as a community gathering place. The exterior of the building ties in the history of mining in the area with a large railroad trestle that frames out the entrance.

The mechanical systems for this facility also had to live up to the high standards of the mining community, where everything was built to last and could be repairs, not just thrown away and replaced. There was no compromise when it came to the refrigeration system. An industrial grade ammonia system was selected to serve this facility with welded steel piping and industrial grade equipment. This system will not only last over 30 years, but will operate more efficiently than most other systems that will be phased out in the future.

The ice rink floor was designed to last over 40 years, and the dasher board system was also designed for longevity with steel framework that still provides flexibility for safety.

Even though the high performance ice system cannot be seen under the ice sheet or in the hidden mechanical room, it has proven it’s value as the heart of this one of a kind ice rink facility.