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Titletown is a mixed use development that was developed by the Green Bay Packers. This development not only includes retail and office space, but a full sized football field, tubing lanes, with the central focus being on the ice skating trail.

The ice skating trail is an outdoor, 13,500 square foot trail that winds around the edge of the Titletown development. Open to the public, this trail is super popular among Titletown visitors.

B32 was the ice system design subconsultant, designing the refrigeration system, skating ribbon, decorative railing system, and consulted on the site and building layout.

B32 worked closely with the Owner to design an ice system that performs at the highest level which is required for an outdoor skating trail where excellent ice quality is paramount around the entire ice sheet. The industrial grade ammonia refrigeration system maximizes energy efficiency and longevity of the ice system, ensuring the trail can hold up during the outdoor skating season.