Sports & Health Center

The aging Holmsten Ice Rinks System had increased maintenance costs and was in need of replacement.  Using a new system design, Stevens successfully debuted and implemented in 2008 at Gustavus Adolphus College, the existing refrigeration system was converted from a direct to an indirect system.  This design was a very attractive renovation option for the University for the following main reasons:

  • With the phase of the high global warming potential refrigerant R-22 in 2020 looming, this renovation substantially reduced the facility’s and campuses’ carbon footprint by reducing the refrigerant charge from 6,000 pounds of R-22 to 800 pounds.
  • Minimizing Energy Costs. Even though the existing direct system is one of the most efficient types of refrigerant systems found in the industry today, its continued use is no longer feasible due to high material costs, safety and environmental concerns.  This option has proven to nearly match the efficiency of the existing direct system.
  • Minimize Capital Cost. Since the condition of the existing Holmsten Refrigeration system was in good shape, reusing the majority of the existing equipment reduced the project costs significantly