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Scheel’s Ice Plex

The Scheel’s Ice Plex is the product of the Ice Sports Association’s strong desire and determination to improve the opportunity for quality ice time in the region, while keeping costs to a minimum, with the focus on ice. The outcome is an impressive 3-sheet facility with one main arena in the center. The facility is home to the USHL Sioux Falls Stampede hockey team and is also becoming the regional hub for hockey and other skating activities.

Probably the most impressive part of this facility is hidden in the back room; the refrigeration system. This was an area that Owners knew they didn’t want to compromise on and understood the tremendous economical and social impact the refrigeration and ice systems have on ice rink facilities.

B32 Engineering Group designed a common ammonia-based refrigeration system to serve all 3 ice sheets, maximizing efficiency. In addition, B32 studied the benefits of using screw type compressors and determined it would reduce operation and maintenance cost while using less energy.

A waste heat recovery system was designed to maximize the recovery and use of the refrigeration system waste heat and serve the snow melt pit, subfloor heating systems, and preheating for domestic water.

The single industrial grade, flooded chiller, refrigeration system, waste heat recovery systems, central control system, and screw compressors, maximize efficiency and provide longevity lessen the financial burden on the facility for the next 30 plus years.